NCET Tech Tips: Perfect Pitches

NCET explores business and technology. Over the last ten years, I’ve heard lots of pitches to angel investor groups and in business plan competitions. Here are four of the most common flaws I’ve encountered, and ways to avoid them. Get to the point You have a wonderful product or service. But you also have only 20 to 30 minutes for your pitch and Q&A. So, plan on spending only one…

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NCET Tech Tips: Social Media Automation

NCET explores business and technology We all know that social media has a massive impact on consumers world-wide. An effective social media campaign can generate buzz about your product offerings and create brand ambassadors who will influence others. It can also enhance your overall position in search. However, staying on top of posting to social media can often be difficult. This especially rings true for small to mid-sized businesses that…

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Your closely held company needs a buy-sell agreement

Your business is successful, things are going fine and then you come to work on Monday morning to find out that a tragic car accident claimed the life of one of your fellow owners. Or, one of your fellow owners comes into your office and tells you he and his wife are going through an ugly divorce. Your reaction, of course, is grief in the first instance and feeling bad for your colleague in the second instance. Many times, the second reaction doesn’t register — what is going to happen to the stock or other equity that was held by your fellow owner in either instance? There are any number of things that can go wrong in a business with multiple owners that can keep any of the owners up at night. A buy-sell agreement (they come in many forms and with different names) can help everyone sleep better at night.

Digital Solid State Propulsion’s engineers were not eager to design explosives for Hollywood

DEBRA WERNER – Space News But to keep a steady flow of revenue, the small Reno, Nevada company looked beyond traditional military and space customers to find work stimulating oil wells, supplying bullets and bombs for combat simulations, and providing pyrotechnics for Showtime’s television series “Shameless.” Those are not the markets Wayne Sawka envisioned when he founded DSSP in 2005 to develop and sell Electric Solid Propellants that can quickly…

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NCET Tech Tips: Amplifying your voice with Facebook Ads

Over the last few years, Facebook newsfeed space has become incredibly cluttered, and increasingly valuable. This has moved the platform to a “pay to play” format – making advertising a necessity to create social media success. Social media advertising revenue is expected to reach $9.8 billion this year, and as a business, you should consider joining this group to avoid being overlooked by Facebook users. Facebook ads can either drive new leads, or they can drive leads away. Use these tips to make your ads successful.