Failure is Worse Than a Four-Letter Word

Fail fast! How often have you heard that as an entrepreneur or small business owner? With the Bay Area frenzy of startups and its relentless culture, this mantra has become more and more common. Have you ever started a venture with the intention to fail? I’d hope not. So how do you recognize when your idea is failing? And how do you deal with the following feelings of failure and…

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digital age learning

Learning for the Digital Age

In our present digital age, businesses use technology to foster innovation, enhance productivity, and drive the bottom line. But across the United States teachers frequently are not afforded the opportunity to support the classroom learning of future entrepreneurs with technology that … well … fosters innovation and enhances productivity. Perhaps you’ve heard the terms, “21st Century Learning,” or “digital age learning.” While the K-12 world is perpetually replete with the…

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startup deck

Stacking the Entrepreneurial Deck

How a Former Casino Town Used a Deck of Cards to Spread the Startup Gospel The Reno Startup Deck is a deck of playing cards, created by EDAWN, featuring 52 key northern Nevada entrepreneurial people, programs and events.  Here are the rules from the very first card of the deck.  (You can learn more about the Startup Deck at Rule one: Break rules and dream Reno is not the…

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Society for Human Resource Management Hosts National Conference in Nevada

The Society for Human Resource Management held their national convention in Las Vegas (June 28th-July 1st).  In the HR world, staying informed on the ever changing landscape is crucial.  I attended and served as a volunteer seeing the inner workings of a conference hosting over 15,000 people.  SHRM has mastered the check-in process.  People never stood in line for more than 10 minutes.  On Sunday, the total for check-in was…

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Six Insider Tips to Enhance Facebook Advertising

The kids are asleep, you’re done binge-watching Breaking Bad for the night, you’ve brushed and flossed. What are you likely to do before bed? Browse Facebook, obviously. Sure, you hear lots of naysayers, people dismissing Facebook for its silly quizzes, trite motivational quotes and inflammatory political rants, but guess what? Research suggests Facebook users are the most engaged social media group. And there are almost 1.5 billion of them. I…

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