Art Inside Me and Get Real at 1 Million Cups

Another great and diversified week at 1 Million Cups in Reno. This week saw Art Inside Me and Get Real present to an audience filled with questions. Both businesses are new and were seeking advice from the audience in different areas.
The first company, Art Inside Me, is a service based company offering a tool that helps people and businesses to focus on their brand and core strengths. Sharon DeMattia feels that she has a great tool for this process and was seeking help from the audience about her process. In particular, she asked attendants that they set up a free session with her and provide feedback so that she can refine the process before fully launching. To the right is an example of her Art Inside Me project.

Get Real presented his healthy and wholesome nutrition bars. This young entrepreneur just graduated this spring with his Bachelor’s in Nutrition from the University of Nevada, Reno. An avid cyclist, he wanted a healthy alternative to overly processed nutrition bars that often contain many sugars and ingredients that weren’t “real” or natural. Get Real is already selling bars through their website and is looking for help on how to raise additional capital and expand. The group in attendance were excited to help and offered many ideas and tips for the budding entrepreneur.getreal

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