Caregiver’s Journal and GirlMade at 1 Million Cups

This week’s 1 Million Cups featured two businesses aimed at helping the public, one in the form of a journal to keep track of medical care and help families and physicians to better understand the treatment and care of their loved ones and patients. While the other is an accelerator program targeted towards female entrepreneurs to help close the gap between male and female founders through collaboration and inclusion.

cgjThe Caregiver’s Journal is an easy to use journal which helps patients and loved ones keep track of the care they are being provided with while in the hospital or during care outside of the hospital. The Journal helps to keep all parties on the same page and to make communication between both parties easier and more informative. The physical copy of the journal has been a huge success and Founder Marie Gibson is now hoping to move this journal to an online/application format to make the use of the product even easier and more accessible. By creating this platform for communication patients and caregivers alike will be able to make better decisions and keep all parties informed.

The Caregiver’s Journal is currently a finalist in the project Vesto business plan completion and would appreciate your support, you can vote for them at

gmThe second presentation of the morning came from founder Ashley Jennings, her company, GirlMade is a startup accelerator the likes of Y combinator or Tech stars with a focus on finding female founders.  This accelerator would provide seed capital for high growth startups from around the country to move to Reno and take part in a 3 month intensive training/business boot camp meant to move the projects from idea or prototype to a functioning fund-able startup business.  The GirlMade accelerator would feature five startups and would require minimum one female founder. Jennings is currently looking for funding and for a space to use as the accelerators coworking space while she finds companies that meet the criteria to bring into the flagship program starting next year.

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