JoDog Sport Inc. and Community Affect at 1 Million Cups

This weeks 1 Million Cups featured two Northern Nevada Companies with goals of helping people live better lives. JoDog Sport Inc. is a health and safety company focused on making the workplace a less dangerous place through new inventions and technology. While Community Affect is a nonprofit organization aimed at improving the Reno community by making it more business and family friendly.

jodogJoDog Sports Inc. is a safety and wellness company focused on improving workplace safety through invention and innovation. The company was launched in 2005 by Jodie Andersen featuring the XTend-A-Step as its flagship product. The XTend-A-Step makes entering and exiting work trucks much easier and reduces the chance of injury greatly. Jodie is contracted with Cal-trans and numerous mining companies to equip their rigs with these safety precautions. JoDog Sports inc. has a track record of success ad has been honored with many awards including: 2010 Vendor of the Year — Maintenance Superintendents Association, 2010 SBN Member of the Month — SEMA, 2009 Most Innovative New Product — Builders Association of Northern Nevada, 2009 Best Safety Innovation/Product — Builders Association of Northern Nevada, 2009 Best of Business Award — Small Business Commerce Association. Jodog is continuing to grow and add new inventions to its portfolio of safety and efficiency products.

community affectThe Community Affect is a nonprofit focused on turning communities around from purely economic to a cultural focus. The community affect will work with the county to improve live-ability and make being a member of the community something to be proud of. The Community Affect’s, 100 affect awards honor the 100 most influential people in Reno- sparks and Tahoe and try to connect them and unify their efforts towards the goal of a better Northern Nevada. These awards are meant to showcase what citizens are already doing to create a more live-able more prosperous community as well as to get others involved The community Affect is focused on  ten key principles for growth of culture and will continue to help counties grow.

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