MovED and Easy Swirl at 1 Million Cups

This week’s One Million Cups offered up two more great companies from the Reno area, MovED is an educational consulting company that helps people moving to a new area or parents deciding where to send their children for schooling.  While Easy Swirl is changing the way people stir their drinks by adding an interior fin that stirs drinks with a swirl of the cup.

MovEDMovED is a resource for parents deciding on schools but also for employers looking to transfer their employees to new locations and realtors looking to provide their clients with the best most informed decisions about the educational landscape in a geographic area. MovED recognizes that one of the most influential factors in choosing a new home are the schools in the area and a simple school listing is not good enough. This is where MovED comes in to bridge the gap, giving home buyers and HR professional s the in depth information that they need before making a decision as large as where to live. MovED digs deep using statistics as well as calculating school culture and intangibles using years of professional educational experience.

easy swirlEasy Swirl is changing the way you drink your coffee, or at least the way you stir it. Easy Swirl technology is in prototype stage but will be ready for implementation in cups worldwide soon. Easy Swirl offers a specially designed interior fin that stirs any beverage with a simple swirl of the cup.  The easy swirl fin will get rid of the stir stick and make it easier to keep beverages stirred properly without creating extra waste from straws or stir sticks, while making it easy to stir your drink with one hand.  Easy Swirl holds the patent for this technology and is the first patented improvement to the paper cup in over 50 years.  Easy Swirl has patents for all types of cups and composites making the technology extremely versatile and adaptable to many products. Look for easy swirl in cups nationwide soon.

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