The F Word TV and Kees drinks at 1MC

It was an energetic week at 1 Million Cups (held at Swill Coffee and Wine every Wednesday from 9-10am). First to present was Adryenn Ashley of The F Word TV which is a new media company that has a late night radio and television broadcast. The second presentation was Diana Hoffman of Creo Mundi International Inc and she presented their new product kees which is a healthy protein drink.

2013-06-26 09.08.27The F Word TV hopes to be the one-stop shop of useful information for a small but powerful segment of the US population. This segment is the higher-earning, sandwich generation that is caring for their parents now and probably still caring for their children as well. But nothing boring could come from Adryenn Ashley’s mouth and so you know the radio and television broadcast is going to be entertaining as well as informative. They are hoping to capitalize on the mobile market especially since their market is always on the go. A difficult segment to capture, but if they do, you can almost guarantee that the hosts names will be household knowledge before long.

kees logoThe second presentation was just as energetic and Diana Hoffman said that the reason was the healthy proteins that she gets from their kees drinks (a product of their company Creo Mundi International Inc). The drinks are very low calorie for a protein drink (about 120 calories for 16 oz) and do not have the chalky feel of traditional protein powders used in drinks and shakes. A powerful board and c-level executives have been assembled and the product seems to be placed well, we’ll see if they can also crack their difficult and often finicky market. They are already on shelves in town (Scolaries and Sak-n-Save) and are soon to be on Whole Foods’ shelves too. A great start!

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