Towner and ArmaTerra at 1MC

1 Million Cups had two startup companies with different technologies and directions both of which have a place in the changing environments in the social app world and the geo-technical earth reinforcing market.

townerTowner is an App that uses API technology and a social platform to connect users in a geographic location as well as by time. This technology allows businesses to advertise their events and get people in the area interested through pinning these events on to a map for ease of use to users. This platform also allows for users to create their own pins and invite others to join them in events such as a pickup basketball game at the park or a bike ride through the city. This platform allows for users to connect socially via the web app as well as connect socially in person through these pins, the pins can also be rated by other users to push the top rated events to the top and weed out the lowest rated events. The Towner App is perfect for visitors to a city like travelers as well as new residents looking for a way to connect in a new city.

Wes Nelson, founder of the app, was looking for general feedback from the crowd and is still in development. The audience had several bits of advice for the young entrepreneur and the new company especially regarding intellectual property experiences.

ArmaTerra Georeinforcing is a georeinforcing company that uses GEOtire technology to reinforce slopes and retaining walls, as well as to reinforce mechanically stabilized embankments. GEOtire technology allows ArmaTerra to use old tires to create a longer lasting more reliable and more cost effective way of earth reinforcement for walls, embankments and levees.  This technology is good for the earth as well as good for the pocket books of those funding the projects. The process does not leach environmental pollutants while it diverts millions of waste tires from ending up in landfills to be burned and continually pollute the environment. It also costs less to purchase the materials and costs the same to implement the process.  Research has demonstrated the long lasting and very strong nature of tires.

ArmaTerra transforms the problems associated with disposing of waste tires into huge advantages as georeinforcing elements.  They last virtually forever as they don’t break down when buried causing landfill issues. This problem for landfills results in a very stable material that is safe to use in the earth. The steel belting encased in rubber makes them long lasting, incredibly strong and difficult to cut up and dispose of but makes them an ideal solution as georeinforcing elements. The non-corrosive fastening system eliminates potential weaknesses in the system. ArmaTerra is the future of reinforcement technology with a green side too.

ArmaTerra has entered into the CleanTech Open and we’ll be interested to see the places they go!

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