For businesses, right-of-way permitting can be lengthy process

So you want to develop your business on or along public right-of-way property. Know that there’s a potentially long permitting process ahead to comply with access, parking and other issues awaiting you. That was the key takeaway from the Nevada Department of Transportation’s presentation to Entrepreneurship Nevada at EN’s monthly meeting on July 12.
Give yourself a full three months, assuming no roadblocks, to obtain the necessary permits, said Jae Pullen, NDOT’s District 2 engineering manager.

Pullen’s key points:

  1. Start the process early.
  2. Know which jurisdiction – state or county and the nearest milepost – you must deal with. Interstate, U.S. Highway designated, and state route roads fall under NDOT’s realm.
  3. If utilities are involved, you will need a separate permit from the utility.
  4. Be in close contact with your inspector to keep the process moving. Any amendments/changes can add 20 working days to the time frame.
  5. Keep detailed records throughout.

For more information:, go to the Doing Business ribbon and click on “Permits” under the Right of Way section. For design manuals, click on “Documents and Publications.”
-District II Permit Administration: (775) 834-8330 or