A Custom Refinish and Cloudsnap at 1 Million Cups

This week A Custom Refinish and Cloudsnap presented their completely different businesses at 1 Million Cups. It was a great example of the wide range of startups that Reno has growing. 1 Million Cups is proving to be welcoming to all types of businesses and the audience in attendance has been showing a diverse range of interests and questions for the presenters.

A Custom Refinish specializes in economical and environment-friendly remodeling for your kitchen, bath and garage spaces. What they are currently focusing on is the specialty finish they can apply to that boring white tile to give a fresh new look to your space. The finish even seals the grout so no more scrubbing away with a toothbrush!

Cloudsnap presented their technology based company next. Cofounders, Colin and Chris, are TechStars Austin graduates and returned to Reno to launch their enterprise. Cloudsnap is an integration platform that allows businesses to connect their specialized software systems together. For example, you use Salesforce for your customer management and Fresh Books for your accounting. Cloudsnap connects the two systems so none of your information is lost and you can see the full picture of each customer.


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