Empress’ Secret and EscaZyme Biochemicals at 1 Million Cups

This week 1 Million Cups featured two new startups in the Northern Nevada area with very different products and markets. The Empress’ Secret, a natural drink composed of ancient Chinese ingredients, is a step in a new direction of health. EscaZyme Biochemical on the other hand is using bark beetles to create a better process for protecting the forests from pests.

empressThe Empress Secret is a health drink that uses ancient Chinese ingredients such as the Goji berry, Ginseng, Lotus seeds, dragon eye fruit and jujube dates to remove toxins, reduce stress and boost the immune system. This drink is specially formulated for women and has been used in china for centuries. This drink will be hitting the Las Vegas Healthy drink expo June 6-7 and is hoping to make a big splash in the growing health and wellness industry.

escazymeEscaZyme Biochemicals is a specialized chemical company that manufactures component chemicals for use across multiple industries, including the pest control industry. EscaZyme produces chemicals through a new process discovered by researchers at the University of Nevada, Reno’s Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Escazyme is currently working with the UNR technology transfer office to commercialize their great product and begin shopping it to major biochemical companies soon. Escazyme Biochemical is no stranger to the limelight they have recently won two major business plan competitions and have begun further testing for alternative uses as well as meeting with top pest lure companies to get their chemicals into the hands of those who need them to protect the forest from the bark beetle.

Another great week for the entrepreneurial community in Northern Nevada be sure to stop in to Swill (3366 Lakeside Ct Reno, NV 89509) on Wednesday at 9 am for two more great presentations.

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