Inqiri and Loaded squirrel at 1 Million Cups

This weeks one million cups offered up two more great companies from the Reno area. Inqiri  a decision support system that harnesses the power of groups to make the best decisions, and Loaded Squirrel, an LLC offering a recurring revenue model for local companies making it easier to compete with large retailers.

inquiri-newInqiri is a software platform founded by James Elste and Travis Schwieger that harnesses the power of knowledge in the group by allowing a large network of people answer questions and give support in a decision making process.The process is a blend of crowd sourcing and synthetic intelligence techniques which has been shown to create better answers and make decision making easier, from what to eat fr breakfast to what job to take. Inqiri allows users to pose there own questions and ask them to their own social network as well as the growing inqiri network getting the maximum number of responses possible for the best results.

Squirrel-Logo-newThe Loaded Squirrel is a Small business sales consulting company that offers a recurring revenue model to small businesses by creating and implementing a loyalty card program that is focused on covering the costs of that business each month to avoid shortfalls. The loyalty card program incentivizes customers to do return business taking some of the guess work out of forecasts.Making it easier to keep cash flow up and have a more efficient business model with less waste and more customer satisfaction.

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