Intrinsic Value Exchange and VizKinect at 1 Million Cups

1 Million Cups offered up two more great companies with different ideas. The Intrinsic Value Exchange is a new approach on protecting natural resources, through capitalistic principles of valuation and protection. While VizKinect, soon to be Biometric Studios, uses state of the art technology to track eye movement and maximize efficiency in advertisements, website design and countless other visual mediums.

iveThe Intrinsic Value Exchange is an online natural asset stock exchange designed to value natural and societal assets—assets like clean air and water, ecosystems, wildlife, human health and potential. IVE is one part gaming platform, one part financial exchange and one part social movement.  Today, we have dozens of exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, to tell us the value of companies like Apple or GM. We have commodity markets, such as The Chicago Board of Trade that prices gold, oil, corn, even weather. Yet, amazingly, we do not have any equivalent mechanism to value human capital or the natural assets and ecosystem processes that make life on earth possible and bountiful.

vizkinectVizKinect is a biometric media company using an Xbox Kinect and proprietary software to track the motion of a viewer’s eyes as they watch different forms of media. This technology can help motion picture studios and advertisers alike to achieve higher levels of advertising efficiency by placing ads in areas of the screen in which more eye traffic is focused. The technology also allows for websites to be designed to be as user friendly as possible making it easier to achieve tasks on the site and navigate without trouble. VizKinect’s competitive advantage is their ability to do these tests in real time analyzing eye movement on the spot to be able to make decisions on the spot.  VizKinect is changing their name to Biometric Studios and is working with major studios now hoping to be a part of many projects soon.

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