Nanojems and DevCamp at 1 Million Cups

At 1 Million Cups on August 7th, we got to see Nanojems and DevCamp present. Both Reno companies were embracing their nerdier sides and the audience ate it up.

nanojemsNanojems was the first up and the more developed of the two companies. Springing from technology started and supported by the University of Nevada, Reno and the Desert Research Institute, this young company led by Jesse Adams has just launched their Kickstarter campaign. The technology that they use allows the company to print incredibly small characters on different surfaces. The first project that they did was printing the entire Hobbit on a pendant that you can comfortably wear around your neck and also a pendant with the entire constitution which is what you see to the right. Their latest project is for one million digits of pi on a small pendant and that’s the goal of their Kickstarter. The overall goal for the company is to eventually become an online and brick-and-mortar business so that “viewing parties” can be had so shoppers can see the incredible amount of detail on these gems.

DevCamp was presented by Dawson Loudon and is in the earliest stage of idea creation and validation. The two developers want to create a space where other developers and internet addicted people can go to the outdoors but still be able to connect to their work. The room had tons of ideas to add, from portable huts as products with connection availability to needing to hike to other spots on the land in order to gain access to the internet (a way to work for your work if you will!). The company is still in its infancy but with a steady flow of technology companies and startups in the Bay Area, it wouldn’t be surprising if this idea catches on.

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