The Mental Stress of Entrepreneurship

Recently I stumbled across an online article from Forbes magazine and the subject hit close to home.
There’s A Hidden Dark Side To Being An Entrepreneur – It Wreaks Havoc On Your Mental Health written by Amy Morin discusses four of the most common mental health issues that entrepreneurs often face.

Being an entrepreneur is stressful and usually includes calculated risks. But some days those risks don’t feel as calculated or sure to pay off. You know those days, when a major client stops purchasing from you over something you thought was trivial, something you said was misquoted or taken out of context or a funding source suddenly decides that they aren’t interested. These days can be devastating.


And when you’re an entrepreneur, especially a solo-preneur, your sense of the world and self-worth can be wrapped up in the day-to-day successes and failures of your business. So how do you cope?

Every person is going to find different strategies that work for them, but here are a list of my favorite strategies that I use when I’m having one of those days (or weeks!):

  • Yoga – I try to start everyday with some sun salutations. It’s a great way to wake up your body and center your mind. The few minutes of self reflection before I get started seem to make daily stresses less important. Sometimes I’ll even do a position or two in the middle of the day if things aren’t going my way. Check out Yoga Journal’s beginner’s section for pose ideas.
  • Journaling – Yeah, yeah it sounds dorky. But sometimes I need to remind myself of the things that have gone right in the past, or what I am grateful for, just to break up the spiral of shame or depression.
  • A good hobby – I think this one is incredibly important for any person, not just entrepreneurs. I personally like doing standup comedy once a week as it is INCREDIBLY different than my day-to-day work life. And sometimes I even get to vent. What’s your hobby?

Obviously, reading this article won’t solve mental health issues. So if you feel that you can’t handle it alone, don’t! Reach out to professionals and get the help you deserve. It’s the help your business deserves too!

by Krysta Bea Jackson


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