Three Public Relations Tips for Bolstering Your Brand’s Reputation

Amanda_01_cropped_webPublic relations (PR) is far more than just sending a press release. Communicators skate blurred lines between marketers, advertisers, digital divas, community engagers, reputation managers, publicists, brand advisers, social media strategists, and terms we haven’t created yet. Bottom line: in a fast moving entrepreneurial world, the power of PR has never been more relevant. While it takes far more than one article to delve into, here are a few solid PR tips to leverage when working to earn coverage in the same way that Reno recently has:

· Know Your Media. Knowing which outlet and which reporter to talk to goes a long way in helping get your story out to the public. Learn the nuances between what an editor does on a day-to-day basis versus what a beat reporter covers, distinguish which broadcast reporter might like to focus on the arts beat over another. Refining the media contact’s focus will help ensure you route the information to the right folks for the best odds of getting your story covered.

· Timeliness: Let’s say you’re hosting an event in April. Sending information out two days before cuts things a little close, but sending things out in the first of January may mean the outlet has no interest in helping publicize.

· Who Is The End User? Who’s reading the article? Listening to the radio station? Watching the news broadcast? Put yourself in their shoes and craft a compelling reason why that audience member would want to know your information. Will it save them money, or provide them information, give them an edge? Keep the outlet’s audience in mind to give yourself the best chance for coverage.

As entrepreneurs, you have the power to bolster your business or enterprise by leveraging these same tools. I invite you to expand your knowledge of public relations by attending any of the Sierra Nevada Chapter of Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) events in the near future. In particular, you may consider “Reboot and Retool in Reno,” a national-level professional conference hosted by the PRSA North Pacific District right in our backyard June 23-25. For tight budgets, this conference will have content for communicators in multiple roles. Coincidentally, the growth and energy buzzing about the Biggest Little City is why conference organizers selected to host in Reno.

If the tips above are garnering results enough to attract a district conference of this caliber, imagine what they can do for your business.

by Amanda Horn – director of communications at the Nevada Museum of Art, Sierra Nevada PRSA Chapter president and co-chair for the North Pacific District Conference. Follow her at @TeboHorn or email her at

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