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The key to effective communicating across social media is letting others talk about you, Jeff Saling, co-founder of Reno-based Buzz Tools, told the May 10 meeting of Entrepreneurship Nevada.

“If you want your message to be credible, it’s always better if someone else talks about you and your message,” Saling said in explaining how Buzz Tools works as a web-based tool to streamline traditional business networking, improve the process of sharing and tracking referrals and incentivize specific behaviors for networking groups.

It’s more about “cross-promotion” than “self-promotion,” Saling said. “At Buzz Tools, we’ve made social media into a team sport rather than an individual activity.”

The goal, he said, is getting links shared among groups, getting as many people as possible to share the same link, resulting in exponential growth in your online message. And the more that content addresses issues related to your line of business – and not just your business itself – the more effective it will be.