Reno Startup Week

Startup Weekend Reno

Startup Weekend Reno is November 21-23 2014

There has been so much activity in Reno for startups and entrepreneurship that the city is throwing a week-long celebration of everything startup. Reno Startup Week has a calendar chuck full of events that either showcase, celebrate or explore Startup Row and entrepreneurship in the city of Reno and throughout the area.

Come out and meet your fellow entrepreneurs, hear what they are talking about and in a few cases drink some libations with them!

And then the best part: the week culminates with the city’s third Startup Weekend. A 54 hour event that starts with ideas and ends with businesses. It’s an equally challenging and rewarding event that stretches all your entrepreneurial chops and probably teaches you a few new things as well. Tickets are $99 (for students it’s $49) and includes food throughout the weekend. Check it out!

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