Startup Community Growing in Reno

The top business cities in the United States are coming together to form a community of startup companies that support each other, the community and the local economy. Reno is not far behind, with events such as; Start up Weekend, Tedx, Reno Hackathon, Project Vesto, The Governor’s cup, Sontag Business Plan Competition, as well as an appetite in the community for new ideas and change to the status quo Reno is beginning to embrace the idea of a startup community in which residents can choose to work for a locally owned a company and keep the benefits of local profits here in the community.

For the Startup community to be sustainable companies must make it through the ringer of finding investors and customers while developing their product or service, launch this venture and then take those profits back to the community to find new startups that need that same investment. There are arrays of groups to help entrepreneurs to make the right decisions and get the help they need. Economic Development Association of Western Nevada (EDAWN), Nevada Institute of Renewable energy commercialization (NIREC), Entrepreneurship Nevada (EN), C4Cube, Reno Collective and the University Of Nevada Reno just scratch the surface of what is available to entrepreneurs in this area. Northern Nevada is also beginning to grow its entrepreneurial ecosystem through business plan competitions, while events like, startup weekend and One Million cups are awakening the entrepreneurial spirit of the silver state and creating a real momentum behind entrepreneurs with the community behind them. However, this movement must be entrepreneur lead, these resources and events can help to drive the entrepreneurial spirit but the true innovation, creation and ideation needs to be driven by the entrepreneurs. The community must be inclusive of all who aspire to be entrepreneurs, allowing people to try to succeed and to sometimes fail.

What can you do? Get started, if you have an idea get to work, “No one’s going to find you and elect you boss” –Brad Feld,(watch him talk) go find other entrepreneurs and get started. Use the community to network though events, groups and friends and family to help feed your creativity and take your idea to the next level.

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